Building a Popup Minecraft Gift Cube

Giving minecraft in cube form, the way it's meant to be given

Print & Customize

You can customize it with your own message and gift code. Don't worry, it won't be recorded. Your gift code is safe.

To get a Minecraft gift code, go to the Minecraft store.

Cut & score

Don't make any interior cuts.

A blunt screwdriver works well to score the interior lines. There's also a tool on most pen knives that is great for this

Crease the lines

Fold all the interior lines into mountain folds, except for the "double tabs".

Attach & Glue the band

Put the rubber band through the double tabs, and glue it in place. Although these photos show otherwise, the band should be attached in a figure of eight, crossing in the middle. At this point, the rubber band will start trying to destroy the cube, so be careful!

Glue the remaining tabs

The strangely shaped tabs at the side need gluing in pairs. Once you've done this, apply glue to the final tab, and carefully allow the cube to close.

You're done!

You can now flatten your cube, and deliver it in an envelope, or slide it under someone's door.