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The documentation for the .NET Micro framework is unfortunately rather thin. However, it was useful nonetheless.

Stackoverflow is a community-driven Q&A site for programmers. If you ask a question there, you typically get a bunch of responses within 15 minutes. It's an incredibly useful resource for learning to program, and for teaching others. The following are questions asked by me.

This is a community run by GHI Electronics, the designers of the FEZ Panda II. The forums were very useful for getting information about the workings of the controller. The following are the questions I asked on the forum.


Recently, the people behind Stack Overflow branched out into all kinds of Q&A sites. One of these was the Electrical Engineering site. This works identically to Stack Overflow, but with a longer response time, since the community is far smaller


These are available in multiple formats, from many places on the internet, so the location is not shown. For convenience, copies of the data sheets are included.

Own simulations/calculations

Other Resources


Online purchasing

  • Farnell All sorts of electonic parts, from solenoid to wires
  • Pololu Motors, drivers, and ABS laser cutting
  • Microkerf Laser cutting of aluminum parts
  • Ebay Tools, LEDs, washers, and other miscellaneous parts
  • Proto-pic Compass sensors
  • Cool Components FEZ Panda IIs, and connecting pins
  • Seeed Studio Ultrasonic sensors